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AUT students go global with their logo design

A group of AUT design students are thrilled their work has gone global, after they created the APEC Voices of the Future 2021 logo.

26 October 2021

Dates for APEC 2021 Ministers’ and Leaders’ meetings announced

New Zealand’s APEC host year will culminate in a week-long series of virtual meetings and events in November, including the second gathering of APEC Leaders in 2021. 

26 October 2021

APEC finance ministers focus on inclusive, sustainable COVID recovery

APEC finance ministers will continue to work together to respond to the effects of COVID-19 and ensure a sustainable and inclusive recovery while capitalising on the opportunity to build a more resilient future.

22 October 2021

The primacy of trust at the centre of APEC 2021 LIVE with Business event

The rate at which the world is changing shows no signs of slowing – and it’s up to businesses to keep pace, according to leaders at the latest APEC 2021 LIVE with Business event: The Business of Trust.

22 October 2021

APEC Finance Ministers focus on Inclusive, Sustainable Recovery

“We continue to battle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said New Zealand Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson when he opened the 2021 APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting on Friday. “The pain that it has brought on our people, our economies and our healthcare systems should not be downplayed.”

22 October 2021

Voices of the Future 'an incredible experience'

With a record number of economies attending APEC Voices of the Future 2021, five New Zealand alumni of the event are helping to organise the unique summit.

21 October 2021

Delivering on the APEC Vision – New Zealand’s big priority

APEC has a big, ambitious 20 year vision which aspires to achieve an open, dynamic, resilient and peaceful Asia -Pacific community for the future prosperity of all people and future generations. One of the most important priorities for New Zealand in our 2021 APEC host year is to guide development of a plan that will give life to this vision.

20 October 2021

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to deliver opening address at Summit

The state of the world in this second year of the global COVID-19 pandemic will be the focus of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s address to open the APEC CEO Summit 2021.

16 October 2021

Amal Clooney to speak at APEC CEO Summit 2021

Amal Clooney, an award-winning lawyer who specialises in international law and human rights, will deliver a keynote address at this year’s APEC CEO Summit.

15 October 2021

Westpac NZ unveils new research on indigenous/Māori economy

A new report commissioned by Westpac NZ has found that while Māori businesses are growing in number, they remain underrepresented within Aotearoa’s economy and face barriers to growth. 

15 October 2021

1 month to go until high-powered CEO Summit

OPINION: APEC only comes to New Zealand once every 21 years, and with it comes one of the most high-powered business events ever hosted in New Zealand, the APEC CEO Summit 2021.

12 October 2021

World class panellists named for Summit

A group of panellists whose expertise covers high level banking, the Māori economy, global monetary policy, technological innovation and trade join a heavy-hitting line up of keynote speakers at this year’s APEC CEO Summit, being hosted from Auckland, New Zealand.

10 October 2021

Ministers: Small Businesses are the Powerhouses of APEC’s Economy

Ministers responsible for small and medium enterprises in APEC vowed to continue addressing the needs of small businesses with relief programs as the region moves through the next phases of COVID pandemic response and recovery.

9 October 2021

Small business at heart of economic recovery across APEC region

The Minister for Small Business says support for small and medium enterprises will remain ongoing as the Asia-Pacific region moves through response and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

9 October 2021

Connecting the Asia-Pacific

The APEC CEO Summit will use innovative broadcast technology, satellite events and an impressive, interactive set to virtually connect audiences across 21 economies.

7 October 2021


Expanding markets and unleashing potential

E-commerce offers an innovative and low-cost way for indigenous and ethnic minority communities to develop new markets and platforms to sell their agricultural goods and services.

6 October 2021

Embracing digital disruption, together

Galvanised by Covid-19, digital transformation is occurring at the fastest pace on the planet in the Asia-Pacific region, which is home to 2.8 billion people and some of the world’s most innovative technology firms.

6 October 2021

From left: Jess Jenkins, Lit Wei Chin, Shisla Macleod and Sophie Handford.

Four young Kiwis to represent NZ on world stage

Four influential young Kiwis have been chosen to represent New Zealand at APEC Voices of the Future in November.

6 October 2021

Former PM Helen Clark to speak at CEO Summit

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark will talk about the disruption of Covid on the 21 APEC economies and how the region can recover from the pandemic.

4 October 2021

Trailblazer joins stellar speaker line-up

Public relations trailblazer Richard Edelman will speak on the ‘business of trust’ as one of the keynote speakers confirmed for the APEC CEO Summit 2021.

28 September 2021

APEC 2021 Women and the Economy Forum prioritises women's economic empowerment

Minister for Women Jan Tinetti today chaired the virtual APEC 2021 Women and the Economy Forum, which is working to address outstanding issues for women and girls across the region as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

25 September 2021

Minister: women’s economic empowerment is key to stronger, more resilient economy

Ministers and officials in the APEC region renewed their commitment to gender equality and women’s economic empowerment and to creating conditions that will drive inclusive, effective and enduring economic growth after the COVID pandemic subsides.

25 September 2021

Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist whose research considers morality, its emotional foundations and cultural variations, to help people understand each other. Named one of the world’s top thinkers by both Prospect and Foreign Policy magazines, he was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2019. His four TED talks on political psychology and polarisation and religion have been viewed more than six million times. He is currently the Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University’s Stern School of Business, where his research is applied to make businesses resistant to ethical failures.

'Top global thinker' to speak at CEO Summit

Can business become a force for good in the future? Top international psychologist Jonathan Haidt will be speaking to this question in his keynote address at the APEC CEO Summit 2021 in Auckland, New Zealand, in November.

23 September 2021

Vangelis Vitalis and Bridget Coates.

The quiet figure behind New Zealand’s APEC success

New Zealand's top trade diplomat has been slogging away behind the scenes to make the country's virtual hosting of APEC a meaningful success. Vangelis Vitalis speaks to Newsroom's Sam Sachdeva about keeping inhospitable hours, and steering the Asia-Pacific through Covid-19.

21 September 2021

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