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His Excellency Joko Widodo President of Indonesia

The digital economy and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises must become a new source of growth for an inclusive, resilient and sustainable economy, the President of Indonesia, His Excellency Joko Widodo, told the APEC CEO Summit.

Introduced by Asia New Zealand Foundation Chair Dame Fran Wilde, President Widodo said the digital transformation came with opportunities, challenges and risks.

The pace of Indonesia’s digital acceleration during COVID 19 is estimated to equate to 10 year’s progress in normal times, with around 8.4 million Indonesian MSMEs joining digital platforms as online sales grew.

Digital transformation can also increase access to health services and promote the growth and development of start-ups in the health sector.

The Indonesian Government continues to foster digital acceleration in sectors to accelerate economic recovery and build resilience against disasters, he said.

“We need to narrow the digital divide between APEC economies and domestically. We need to pay special attention to capacity building and quality infrastructure, as well as accessibility and affordability of the digital economy.”

“Indonesia is eager to cooperate with APEC member economies and with the business communities in the Asia Pacific region.”